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Sleeping With The Enemy Essay -- essays research papers

Laying down With the Enemy Synopsis Persecution of ladies in our man centric culture is seen day by day. Men rule ladies from multiple points of view it turns out to be difficult to recognize one type of mistreatment from another. In the film Sleeping With the Enemy, a young lady fights every day with an oppressive, tyrannical spouse. In spite of the fact that the outside world may see Laura's life as great, the watcher sees every bit of relevant information. Laura's ideal life comprises of an alluring, affluent spouse who might do anything for her-even slaughter. They live in a lovely manor on the coast, and Laura doesn't need to work on the off chance that she so picks. Consistently Laura is tormented and scorned and censured by her significant other. Her significant other, Martin Burns, is fixated on keeping the family in flawless condition. In the event that one towel is off the mark, one can faulty in the cabinet, or if supper is somewhat late, Laura gets an extreme beating. The main path for Laura to escape from her oppressive spouse is by arranging her own demise. Laura takes her better half and neighbor out on a boat one blustery night to execute her arrangement of getaway. She "falls" off the pontoon and swims to shore. Her better half accepts that Laura passes on adrift on the grounds that she was unable to swim. Furtively, however, Laura had been taking swimming exercises at the YWCA so as to encourage her arrangement. In the wake of gathering a little sack with some close to home things and cash, Laura Burns forsakes her injurious spouse and deserts her hopeless life. Along these lines starts Laura Burns' new life as Sara Waters. She changes her name, area, circumstance, and is renewed. In Laura's new life, she works at a library and begins to date once more. As Sara, she can appreciate life and be free. Sara reconstructs her confidence, can invest more energy with her mom, and can unwind without fearing whether the racks in the kitchen will fulfill her significant other's guidelines. The getaway appeared to be idiot proof, until Martin found a bit of proof that demonstrates Laura is as yet alive. (Laura had tossed her wedding band in the latrine and Martin at last observes it.) After long stretches of looking, Martin can chase down his better half. He feels that on the off chance that he can't have her, at that point nobody will. Sara wouldn't like to come back to the awful abusive way of life she was caught in previously. Rather than surrendering her new life, she shoots the "intruder" in her home and stops her better half's rule of fear over her.... ...normal and infrequently detailed. Recollections of these encounters frequently become smothered in view of the individual embarrassment and disgrace ladies feel about the circumstance. Notice that, in the film, Laura never looks for legitimate reprisal for Martin's maltreatment, all she needs to do is escape. Sexual maltreatment and spousal maltreatment are mentally destroying for ladies on the grounds that these are demonstrations that cause sentiments of blame upon the person in question. It is time after time that a female assault casualty will do nothing since she feels mindful. In the start of the film, when Laura was exposed to day by day maltreatment from her significant other, she most likely began to feel like she merited the treatment since her better half continually beat her down sincerely and caused her to feel like nothing. At the point when somebody is thumped for a considerable length of time they begin to accept that they are useless. At last, Laura gets away from her oppressor always when she slaughters him. Not all ladies are so lucky to have the option to begin their lives once again, however. Numerous ladies kick the bucket from abusive behavior at home, and most men don't languish results over their activities. This film shows the triumph of a lady over her oppressor since she goes to any length to pick up her opportunity and regard.

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A Language Older Than Words

A Language Older Than Words Response Paper In the novel A Language Older Than Words, Derrick Jensen covers a wide range of subjects in the numerous parts that he has separated his book into. The two sections that truly intrigued me were Breaking Out and Economics. The two subjects that Jensen talks about is simply the relationship with the and different just as the financial image in our general public individually. I had the option to identify with both of these subjects in various manners. In the part Breaking Out Jensen centers around the picture of oneself and the relationship we have with each other.Jensen expounds on how we are tightened to our own death camp in our general public. It's anything but a genuine death camp yet it is an inhumane imprisonment from our perspective and building the picture of ourselves and our relationship as people. â€Å"In an inhumane imprisonment, it is better (as far as keeping up real life; profound life is an altogether extraordinary inquiry) to be the executioner than the slaughtered, preferable to be a partner over a resister, a watchman than an associate, a director than a gatekeeper, better still to be the chief (125). He expresses that having everybody act in their own wellbeing may not be the wellbeing for society when all is said in done. â€Å"Part of the explanation we’ve had the option to persuade ourselves that by abusing others we’re acting in our own wellbeing is that we’ve acknowledged a seriously tightened meaning of self (125). † Jensen talks about how the picture of our self isn't the picture that we ought to acknowledge. We should break out of that death camp that society has developed and make our own perspective on what sort of individual we need to be without the assistance of society or the dread of society passing judgment on ones self.The quote that Jensen expounded on the inhumane imprisonment truly strokes a harmony in my mind. My own examination of this is we are stu ck as a general public by continually needing to be the best and not paying special mind to other people. The mindset of all men for themselves has spread in our general public. I was thinking we are continually contending throughout everyday life. Regardless of whether it is for work or a spot in a class, we are continually contending. This opposition makes this mindset that it is smarter to be the executioner than the killed.The tightened meaning of the self that Jensen talks about identifies with the exercise manual from class. At the point when it talks about sexuality and how there isn’t simply male or female when there are a wide range of shades of the rainbow. As a general public we shouldn’t must be choked to what they need us to relate to. We have to break out of our ‘concentration camp’ and make our own personality without the assistance of society making a decision about us. In the section Economics, Jensen expounds on the way that cash rules al l.He talks about how everything in life transforms into a cash trade. â€Å"I’d like three books, two bundles of chicken McNuggets, and a hit to go, if you don't mind That which it is conceivable to decrease to a ware and sell, is. That which can’t, is either (by definition) depreciated, disregarded, or essentially demolished (139)†. Jensen is attempting to show the peruser that everything has a connection to cash. We need cash so as to do the numerous things in life, for example, travel yet there are things that we don’t need cash for. Here’s the issue: in this clean universe of financial classes, there’s no space for adoration, happiness, secret, for the occasionally befuddled and confounding, now and then clear and explaining, in some cases lovely, now and again mysterious pull of body on body, skin on skin soul on soul (139). †How I see this statement is that Jensen is stating we are so expended in getting more cash that we donâ₠¬â„¢t possess energy for the things that truly matter in our life like love and joy. I can see where Jensen is coming from. I think our general public is stuck into believing that cash is a priority.I think it is significant in light of the fact that we do require cash to endure yet we shouldn’t let cash run our lives. The main statement shows how we consider cash to be a requirement to bliss, love, and puzzle. This helps me to remember the conversation that we had in class on how we might want to venture to the far corners of the planet when we graduate yet we can't as a result of the requirement of cash and getting left behind in this ‘rat race’. We have every one of these commitments in a steady progression that we can't seek after the things we truly need to.Jensen carries a ton of good inquiries to mind while perusing his novel. He isn't reluctant to state what he accepts is going on to our general public despite the fact that it appears as though our genera l public is degenerate. His idea on connections opens up my window to realizing how effectively individuals can ‘stab’ each other in the back so as to be the executioner not the slaughtered. His subject of cash in our general public shows how we are really materialistic. We should give everything a dollar esteem and on the off chance that it doesn’t have a dollar esteem, at that point it isn't esteemed. What amount is bliss?

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How is Your Credit Score Doing - by Your Mother

“How is Your Credit Score Doing” - by Your Mother “How is Your Credit Score Doing?”  by Your Mother “How is Your Credit Score Doing?”  by Your MotherAre you taking care of your credit score? And remember, Im your mother, so I can always tell when youre lying.Hello bubbele! I wanted to call just to make sure your phone was working. I figured there must have been something wrong with it, since you haven’t called me in weeks, but apparently it’s working just fine. How odd.Anyway, I just wanted to see how your credit is doing. You know you have to pay attention to it, right? It’s not something you can only think about every other month or so, like your dear loving mother. If youre not careful you can end up with payday loans as your only optionâ€"and that would break your fathers heart, you know.Have you been eating well? I saw you were looking a little chubby the last time you came to visit, which was almost a year ago, you know. If you’ve been eating out too much, that could lead to increased credit card debt and that isn’t great for your credit score. Instead, you shou ld consider meal planning. I read about it in the Oprah magazine. You take a few hours on the weekend to prepare a bunch of food, then you’re all set for the week.You’ve also been paying your bills on time, right? Remember, your father and I are willing to help you out if you need it. We’d rather help you out now so you don’t go into debt and ruin your credit score. Then you’ll be better prepared to care for us when we’re old!  Which isn’t that long away, you know! You have an extra room at your home, right? Wouldn’t that be so much nicer than us living in a home or on the streets relying on title loans and cash advances to get by? But if youre too busy for us to live with you someday, wed understand. We only raised you after all, but we wouldnt want to  inconvenience  you.You should also be building an emergency fund. Do you remember that time your father and I were in the Pocono Mountains and I told him to be careful because there was no mat on the floor of the sh ower in the cabin and he said it was fine because we didn’t have a mat for the first 20 years we were living in the house but I pointed out that we aren’t the young spring chicks we used to be and it turned out I was right because he fell and we had to go to the emergency room with that nice lady doctor who I thought was the nurse?Ive never told you this but we didnt have an emergency fund! Can you believe it? We had to take out a personal loan just to make ends meet! It was a very nice installment loan with manageable payments and a reasonable interest rate but taking out all that extra debt certainly had a  negative effect on our credit score. Please learn from our mistakes!Oh, and don’t forget to check your credit score at least once a year at It’s almost as important as washing behind your ears.You are washing behind your ears, right?Also be sure to use your credit card. But not too much! Try to never spend more than 30 percent of your balance and pay it off in full each month.  You can mark the date each month on one of the calendars we got you. You know the ones right? We sent them to you for your birthday. We weren’t sure which one you would like, so we sent you a Snoopy one, a Ziggy one, and a different Ziggy one. Which one did you end up using?Honestly, though you need to be careful with those credit cards. Spend too much on your cards and the only loans youll be able to qualify for will be bad credit loans or, even worse, no credit check loans! Can you imagine how mortifying that would be for us? What if you took out too many online loans and then you declared bankruptcy and then you had to move back in with your dad and me!  What would we tell the neighbors?! Wed have to move. There would be no facing them!OK, I should be going. I have bridge with the other women from the synagogue. You know Helen’s daughter Sarah has an over 800 credit score? You should meet with her. She has her own company and maybe she has something for you. Do you want me to set up a meeting?Well, tell me if you change your mind and if you need some money. Keep keeping that credit score healthy!If you enjoyed this post, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:“Couldn’t We Call Them Loan Lions? Or Loan Vipers?” by a Shark“As a Payday Lender, I Think Payday Loans Are Great” by a Guy in a Top Hat and Monocle01010100 01110011 by The Supercomputer That Has Taken Over OppLoansWhat other questions do you have about credit scores?  We want to hear from you!  You can  email us  or you can find us on  Facebook  and  Twitter.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedINContributorsYour Mother doesnt mean to bother you too much. She only wants whats best for you. And also, are you considering having children soon? She doesnt want to rush you, but she saw some baby clothes that looked so cute and were on sale, so she bought them and wants to know if that makes you more likely to hav e a kid soon.

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The Effects Of Nuclear Family On Children - 1551 Words

As Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model suggests, the nuclear family typically provides the first and most important environment in the child’s early development (Siegler, Eisenberg, DeLoache, Saffran, Graham, 2014). However, due to its strong influence on the child and to the intensity of early attachments, any disruptions to the family’s structure threatens to trigger a series of â€Å"risk factors† that most children are not equipped to handle (Kostelnik, Soderman, Whiren, Rupiper, Gregory, 2012). Amongst these disruptions, parental divorce and family reconstitution present stressful and disturbing challenges for children. Young children –in particular five years and younger— are in greater risk of failing to cope with such circumstances, as their cognitive and social development has not yet provided them with the necessary mechanisms to understand and handle the complexities of the circumstances (Elliott Richards, 1991; Kostelnik et al ., 2012). Under these events parental support becomes vital, and an array of tools that parents can use to help their children to successfully navigate these difficult situations is available. In many countries, picture books addressing divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies are often used as effective useful venues to aid children cope with these stressful situations (Mo, 2007). In light of these statements, and using the impact of â€Å"family conflict and marital dysfunction† in children’s emotional development as a framework (Kostelnik etShow MoreRelatedThe Decline Of The Nuclear Family1084 Words   |  5 PagesDecline of the Nuclear Family† In 1970, 40% of couples were married with children. 2013 marked a new low as only 19% of household were married with children. A nuclear family is usually described as a heterosexual marriage with the average of 2.5 children, became synonymous with the American dream philosophy in the mid-1940s. The nuclear family standard is rapidly on the decline in the United States. These declining number have a range of causes. The causes of the decline of the nuclear family are cohabitationRead MoreIs the Nuclear Family Universal?803 Words   |  4 PagesIs the nuclear family universal? This essay will explore whether the nuclear family is in fact a universal sociological institution. The term universal means applicable to all cases, so, for this to be correct the nuclear family must be found in all families in every society. Nuclear family consist a husband and wife and one or more children, own or adopted, it is defined by Murdock and according to him, he believed that the nuclear family is a universal social grouping. FunctionalistRead MoreOutline Discuss the Function of Families in Contemporary Uk Society1512 Words   |  7 Pagesfunction of families in contemporary UK society The definition of the term ‘family’ has somewhat gone through radical changes over the past few decades in the UK, some 30 years ago a family was defined as being father, mother and children. Some referred to this as the â€Å"cereal box family† as this was typically the type of family to be shown on television commercials for cereal. This stereotype is more correctly known as the nuclear family, however changes over the years has meant that this â€Å"nuclear family†Read MoreInfluence of Nuclear Family to Development of Antisocial Behaviour795 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction A nuclear family is a family comprising of parent(s) and children. This model of family is an important aspect in modeling the future of the children. It is within the family environment that a child learns the art of socialization. The family is the first teacher of any child. Therefore, the family a child grows in has a major part to determine how a child will turn out to be later in life. A child is a product of his/her family. There has been a major evolution of the structureRead MoreThe Decline Of The Nuclear Family932 Words   |  4 PagesDecline of the Nuclear Family In college classes, the traditional nuclear family is defined as a family consisting of one or both parents and their dependent children in a single family unit without any extended relatives (Kendall, 2013). Some sociological perspectives suggest that any departure from what is known as the â€Å"traditional,† or nuclear, family indicates a social problem, while others maintain that the definition of family has simply evolved beyond the nuclear family. Some even suggestRead MoreThe Debate of Bigger Families814 Words   |  3 Pagesor small family Is it selfish to have more than two children? The decision about the number of children you will have is really important. This decision will not only affect the family it will also affect the society and the environment. Parents have more than two children do not pay attention to the problems that their children will face in the future. They are proud of having an extended family instead of thinking about the future. People now realize the value of having a nuclear family. MarkedlyRead MoreThe Effects of Industrialisation on the Structure of the Family954 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effects of Industrialisation on the Structure of the Family The pre- industrial family was said to be an extended family consisting of three generations, the children, parents and the grandparents. The family would all work together in the farms to help provide for the entire families needs, children as young a 5 or 6 would have been found work to do. However this was until the Industrial revolution when factories become the main source of work and developmentRead MoreUsing Material from Item a and Elsewhere Assess Sociological Explanations of the Nature and Extent of Family Diversity Today.1596 Words   |  7 Pagessociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today. Family diversity is the idea that there are a range of different family types, rather than a single dominant one like the nuclear family. It is associated with the post-modernists idea that in today’s society increasing choice about relationships is creating greater family diversity. Item A makes clear that different sociologists ‘are divided over both the extent of family diversity and its importance’. The FunctionalistsRead MoreThe Nuclear Family910 Words   |  4 Pagesidea of the nuclear family was highly valued in the American culture during the 1950s, where romantic love was the central reason for marriage in America; however, love in modern America is not enough to make a marriage last. Likewise, the 1950s was the time for many American marriages to undergo many socioeconomic changes including the rise of the gender minority in the workplace. Due to these developments, marriage is under enormous socioeconomic pressures have given the rise to family structuresRead MoreAssessment of the Usefulness of Functionalism in Understanding the Family1223 Words   |  5 PagesUsefulness of Functionalism in Understanding the Family Functionalism is a structuralist theory. This means it sees the individual as less important as the social structure of society. It is a ‘top down’ theory. The family can be defined as an intimate domestic group composed of people related to each other by blood, sexual relations and legal ties. When assessing how useful functionalism is when looking at the family, other views/perspectives need to be taken into

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Essay on The Nigerian Civil War - 1344 Words

Introduction The Nigerian Civil War, 1967 – 1970, was an ethnic and political conflict caused by the attempted secession of the South-eastern provinces of Nigeria as the self-proclaimed republic of Biafra. The war became notorious for the starvation in some of the besieged war-bound regions, and the consequent claims of genocide made by the largely Igbo people of those regions. Causes of the Conflict The conflict was the result of serious tensions, both ethnic and religious, between the different peoples of Nigeria. Like most modern African nations, Nigeria was an artificial construct, put together by agreement between European powers, paying little regard to historical African boundaries or population groups. The Nigeria which†¦show more content†¦The Alliance of North and West won a crushing victory under Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, amid claims of widespread electoral fraud. Military Coup The claims of fraud led to a military coup on January 15, 1966 by left-leaning junior Army officers mostly majors and captains. This coup led to the accession of General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, the head of the Nigerian Army, as head of state of Nigeria. This coup benefited mostly the Igbos because most of the coup plotters were Igbos and Ironsi, an Igbo, promoted many Igbos in the Army at the expense of Yoruba and Hausa officers. On the 29th of July 1966, the Northerners executed a counter-coup. This coup was led by Lt. Col. Murtala Muhammed. It placed Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon into power. Ethnic tensions due to the coup and counter-coup increased and led to the large-scale massacres of Christian Igbos living in the Muslim north. The discovery of large quantities of oil in the south-east of the country had led to the prospect of the south-east becoming self-sufficient and increasingly prosperous. However the exclusion of easterners from power made many fear that the oil revenues would be used to benefit areas in the north and west rather than their own. All these factors led to a growing pressure in the Igbo east for secession. BreakShow MoreRelatedGame Of Success Tom : The Nigerian Biafra War, Nigeria s Civil War1549 Words   |  7 PagesGame of Success TOM: The Nigerian-Biafra War, Nigeria’s Civil War. The inner conflict between the Biafra region and the mainland Nigerian government began approximately seven years after gaining independence from the British on October 1st, 1960. The Nigerian Civil War also known as the Nigerian-Biafran War plummeted the country through three years of unmitigated bloodshed with a death toll of over a million people. The war initiated by the succession of the southeastern region on May 30thRead MoreCivil Wars in Western Africa: Nigeria, Sierra Leone1743 Words   |  7 Pagesstates, which is a layman’s definition of civil war. The scholarly definition of a Civil war is a war between organized groups within a state. Since the end of WWII, there has been a total of 122 Civil wars ranging from the Greek Civil war in 1946 to the Syrian civil war that is happening as of today. A civil war is not an entity seen only in the underdeveloped countries of the world, and superpowers like the United States and Russia have experienced civil wars in t heir past. Due to the fact that conflictsRead MoreThe Biafra Election In Nigeria1213 Words   |  5 Pagesthis crisis, various ethno-nationalist groups have emerged in the Nigerian political arena in an attempt to win the zero-sum game for power. The movement for an autonomous Biafra is one of them, even if it is a heterogeneous group made of different organisations with clashing ideas and political agendas. Nonetheless, these sub-factions share some common beliefs: that the Igbo people have been brutally killed during the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970); that the collapse of the secessionist Republic ofRead MoreNigeria Biafra Civil War2367 Words   |  10 Pages| Realism, Power and the Nigerian Civil War | | 211540478 | Ntsika Nduli | 3/15/2013 | | International Relations is a field of politics that takes a look at the interactions that occur in between states in the international arena. Its aim is to explain why certain events have unfolded in certain ways, as a result of how states use their power relatively to each other. Mostly the interactions that International Relations tries to examine or explain, is the conflicts that arise asRead MoreThe Declaration Of Biafra Speech1428 Words   |  6 PagesPrime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom respectively. The Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Nigerian-Biafra War, 6 July 1967–15 January 1970, was a political conflict caused by the attempted secession of the south eastern provinces of Nigeria as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra. The conflict was the result of economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria. The war cost the Igbos a great deal in terms of lives, money and infrastructureRead MoreAnalyzing The Processes Of Decolonization And Early Post Colony1402 Words   |  6 Pagesdecolonization and early post-colony in Africa is a complex task. Especially when looking through the perspective of different nations that each followed their own path. Chinua Achebe’s There was a Country and Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Dreams in a Time of War, are both exceptional novels that grapple with the social and political struggles going on in their respective countries. They also help explore the complexities of nation building a s well as political conflicts expression in communal form. On one handRead More Is American Patriotism Also Blind Patriotism? Essay1094 Words   |  5 Pagestimes of war. Governments often use propaganda about nationalism to advocate their political views of the hostilities. Sometimes they even force patriotism on their constituents with fear-mongering techniques, which can have dangerous implications. That’s not to say that patriotism is inherently bad—many wars have been won for just causes because of it. However, it is a mistake to only think of war at a national level. There are devastating effects on the soldiers, families, and victims of war hostilitiesRead MoreThe Conflict Between Tradition And Western Influence On Nigeria1665 Words   |  7 Pagesworth considering. But one aspect of Nigeria has proven itself to be rich, transformative, and long-lasting: literature. Nigeria has produced rich literature that shows the conflict between tradition and western infl uence as well as dividing war. Further, Nigerian literature answers to this clash with a call to reconciliation and balance of the two. A brief look into the history of Nigeria would be beneficial before considering the literary culture and history of the country. Nigeria contains the greatestRead MoreThe Effects of Petroleum Business on Nigeria1562 Words   |  7 Pagesmost affluent and efficient producer of sweet oil, so here we see that it would make sense for the larger countries and corrupt government to control the exportation and income in this sector. The United States remain today’s largest importer of Nigerian crude oil, this also accounts for 40% of the countries total’s oil exports. This shows that the US has a lot of power in the decision-making process, and influences on the political entities that control the crude reserves in Nigeria. OffshoreRead MoreThe Social Movements And Protests Of Africa1507 Words   |  7 Pagesdown of both military and single-party state as well as civil wars prevailing in most countries in Africa. Women movements are very keen during this era of which the â€Å"Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace† movement is an example. The effort of women in Liberia was seen in their struggle with two different radicals’ bodies which involved the President Taylor and the Rebels in trying to end the decades of civil war in the country. The series of wars in the Liberian history resulted in thousands of deaths

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Hooded Americanism Essay - 1675 Words

Hooded Americanism: The First Century of the Ku Klux Klan: 1865 to the Present by David Chalmers records the history of the Ku Klux Klan quite bluntly, all the way from its creation following the civil war, to the early 1960’s. The author starts the book quite strongly by discussing in detail many acts of violence and displays of hatred throughout the United States. He makes a point to show that the Klan rode robustly throughout all of the country, not just in the southern states. The first several chapters of the book focus on the Klan’s creation in 1865. He goes on to discuss the attitude of many Americans following the United State’s Civil War and how the war shaped a new nation. The bulk of the book is used to go through many of†¦show more content†¦The lack of personal emotion from the author leads to this book being very dry. Although the sentences in the book were clear cut without any unnecessary adjectives or emphasis, they were very long a nd included technical words. Since this book is mainly a summary of dates and facts, the passive voice is utilized to avoid repetition of words and titles. Hooded Americanism was very well-researched, and could be looked upon as more of a text-book than and novel that one would read for entertainment. David Chalmers has written many books in the political science genre, but Hooded Americanism was the first book that he wrote that was meant to be a reference. Anyone that wants to travel into one of the darkest areas of our nation’s history would enjoy reading this book. Readers that want the facts and truth behind the Klan, and are not satisfied with only seeing the negative image that the media has portrayed of the Klan, should read this book. The book was clearly written for an adult audience. Towards the end of the book, David Chalmers goes into detail when describing various acts of violence that the KKK performed. For example, in chapter forty-five, the author desc ribes floggings of African Americans, and burning of Jewish synagogues. Without these detailed accounts though, the author would have been unsuccessful in his purpose for writing. When reading, it became apparent that ChalmersShow MoreRelatedThe Resurgence Of The Kkk944 Words   |  4 PagesCivil War. Ku Klux Klan quickly mobilized as a vigilante group to intimidate Southern African American, anybody else who would help African Americans, and to prevent them from taking advantage of the basic civil rights. Along with fighting for pure Americanism, the organization was composed entirely of white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian American citizens that were both males and females, who believed that their race and religion were overly superior to those of people of other colors and religions. By theRead MoreEssay on The Klu Klux Klan2473 Words   |  10 Pagesthe great increase in growth of the group and decided to have a national convention to help maintain order within the group. The Ku K lux Klan National Convention was held in April of 1867 at the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. (Hooded Americanism, p.9) Here the Grand Cyclops from all the dens met to discuss and set the general guidelines for the Ku Klux Klans different dens across the United States, and the group also set specific rules for members. Also at the convention the groupRead MoreTheu.s. Ku Klux Klan Essay2443 Words   |  10 PagesConfederate soldiers. Initially, the group was started as a fraternity or social club, but it rapidly progressed into a vigilante group whose goal was to intimidate Southern blacks and anyone that was accused of assisting them. The men would wear white hooded disguises to represent the ghosts of fallen Confederate soldiers, and then ride their horses throughout the town after dark, freed slaves were particularly troubled by these antics and the group saw this as an opportunity to consider expansion. AfterRead MoreRacism and the Ku Klux Klan Essay1663 Words   |   7 Pagesestablishment of a new Ku Klux Klan, which spread throughout the nation and preached anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-black, antisocialist, and anti-labor-union Americanism (87). Harrel stated that the Klans two million adherents exercised great political power, often taking the law into their own hands, mobs of white-robed, white-hooded men punished immorality and terrorized un-American elements (88). The Klan erupted as a secret organization employing its secrecy to misleadRead MoreThe Kkk Klan Klux Klan1860 Words   |  8 Pagesgov/exhibits/naacp/founding-and-early-years.html. NAACP: A Century in the Fight for FreedomThe New Negro Movement. The New Negro Movement. Library of Congress, n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2015. Chalmers, David M. Hooded Americanism. Durham: Duke University Press, 1967. The Klu Klux Klan in the 1920s. PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2015. Palmer, Brian. Klu Klux Kontraction. Slate. N.p

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The Twin Towers free essay sample

Donald E. Crawford U. S History June 10, 2009 The Attacks of the World Trade Centers Over 200,000 tons of steel, 425,000 cubic yards of concrete, a total of 10,000 workers and 7 years, 2 buildings were created known as the World Trade Centers. Its more than its signature twin towers: it was a complex of seven buildings on 16-acres with its own zip code (10048). The construction of the buildings began in 1966 and was completed in April 1973, with the North tower opening 2 years prior of the South. They both consist of 110 floors, and were ranked as the tallest buildings in the world until the Sears Towers was built in 1974. The towers were built downtown-lower Manhattan Development Association by Chase Manhattan Bank chairman David Rockefeller who believed that the towers would benefit the city. Although the towers were a complete accomplishment 60 workers died during the construction. There were 43,600 windows and 99 elevators that can carry about 55 people with a 10,000 pound capacity and can travel up to 27 feet per second. The towers contained 430 businesses from 26 different countries and held up to 5,000 office workers. It had 6 basements and 3 Subway railway stations. Five different channel news stations were also in the Towers along with medical centers and banks. Many restaurants were also included in both Towers. Williams 2 Friday, February 26, 1993 was the date of the first attack on the Twin Towers. It all started with a man named Ramzi Yousef who was trying to be known for the best designer of explosives. Ramzi went to college for electrical engineering and then attended Al Qaeda training camps in a region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he learned the advantages and disadvantages of firearms and explosives. His first major attack was the bombing of the World Trade Center. No one really knows or have a clue to what really caused Ramzi to attack, but all we know is that the attack was one of the worst attacks in the city of New York. On the morning of February 26, Ramzi drove a Raydar van (which he rented 2 days before) into the parking garage of one of the World Trade Center buildings. He then lit a 20-foot fuse bomb and quickly drove away. 12 minutes later the bomb exploded and instantly cut off the main electrical power line in the tower. The bomb was so powerful that the smoke rose up to the 93rd floor in the tower. It was very difficult to evacuate the people in the towers due to the fact that the smoke was very thick in the halls and the stairways. Many wondered what was going on and all was terrified and confused into why the building was smoking. Not being able to see caused a lot of people being trapped inside the tower longer than others. A group of 17 kindergartners were trapped in the elevators along with hundreds of other people amongst both towers. people were killed and 1,042 were injured altogether during the process of trying to evacuate. Most of the people injured were on the lower floors because they were Williams 3 right above the garage. The explosion damaged the garage badly but didn’t cause the towers to collapse. Ramzi’s original plan was to bomb the first tower so it can fall into the second tower, killing thousands of people and destroying both towers. Many wondered why he attacked at a time that was less crowed than usual. Surprisingly the towers took less than a month to be repaired, cleaned, and back in business. It wasn’t long before everything went back to normal and the minor tragedy faded out of society’s memory. It wouldn’t be until 8 years later that America’s eyes would be reopened. Tuesday, September 11, 2001, seemed like a pretty average day until 8:46 a. m. , something tragic happen that will change every American. American Airlines Flight 11 leaving Boston crashed into the North Tower between the 96th and the 103rd floor, killing all 92 passengers, including the 9 flight attendants and both pilots. Just 15 minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower on the 80th floor killing 65 passengers. When the first plane crashed, thousands of people who were on the 96th floor or above were killed instantly. Although the 106th floor wasn’t hit, everyone above that floor was also killed, due to the fact that their escape routes were cut off by fire. Most people jumped out the windows because there was nothing else to do nor was there anywhere to go. After witnessing the plane hit the first tower, people in the second tower began to fear for their lives and try to escape, but they were told to stay at their desks thinking that their uilding wouldn’t be Williams 4 attacked, but little did they know moments later they were hit. Although the North Tower was hit first, the South Tower had collapsed less than in hour later, due to the fact that it was hit lower. All firefighters, soldiers, police officers and everyone else who was trying to escape were crushed. Exactly 29 minutes later, the North Tower joined its twin as it crashed onto the ground killing hundreds and thous ands of people that was in and around both towers. People on the ground were running for their lives as clouds of debris and smoke covered the streets of lower Manhattan. Due to the fact that the Twin Towers was big, no one really knows exactly how many people were dead, but they were able to estimate that about 2,985 people were dead or missing, including the 19 hijackers. The North Tower has been estimated to have killed almost 1,402 people, and the South 614 people. There were mostly people between the ages of 35 and 39 that died. About 3,051 children lost their family members. 89 bodies were found and 19,858 body parts were found. The attack also destroyed 98 vehicles, and 99 days after the attack the fire continued to burn. Of all the people who were still in the towers when they collapsed, only 20 were pulled out alive. Over the next 8 months, the New York Fire Department was divided into four groups and was assigned to organize, clean-up, and search for survivors and human remains. 1. 8 million tons of debris was removed from the disaster site and it cost almost 600 million dollars to clean all of it up. Lots of people thought that it would take over a year to clean up all of the debris left by the towers, but Williams 5 they were finished by May 30, 2002 without any workers being seriously injured. May 2006 was the re-opening of The World Trade Center. The attack on the World Trade Center was a horrendous action towards the United States that affected all Americans. Thousands of people died on September 11, and those people will be forever remembered. In the beginning, the attack was believed to be an attack by terrorists. The United States government told its people that terrorists from the Middle East maliciously hijacked planes and crashed them into the heart of New York City. There is much footage of the plane crashes, leaving a mental scar in the brains of the witnesses. While many believe that what the government is telling them is true, my opinion differs. I honestly don’t believe that terrorists from the Middle East attacked the United States. On the contrary, I believe that the United States is behind the 9/11 attack. It seems very strange how the building collapsed. The planes were crashed into the World Trade Center very high above the ground; the crashes were about the same position in both buildings. It makes very little sense how two buildings would collapse, from the foundation up, when the damage was clearly above the ground. I believe the United States used the Middle East as a scapegoat. The US government needed an excuse to invade the Middle East because Saddam Hussein has been a problem to the US for decades. When the government had their reason, they invaded the Middle East in search for Saddam.